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Made Possible By The Generous Support of Our Sponsors:

Taking the coveted role of Gold Sponsor, this relative newcomer to the gardening scene was delighted to sponsor the show last year. With a focus on creating an “explosion of flowers” they achieved this with over 2000 containers of both baskets and planters containing a whopping 700 different varieties of flowers. Be sure to check out the photo gallery to appreciate just how colorful a year it was.

Kelly, the GM and Owner of the company, had been eyeing the role of title sponsor for the show for a number of years. When the opportunity presented itself, they leapt at the chance and the rest is history. “Our main goal was to promote gardening as a healthy and fun hobby that can also be economically rewarding especially as fresh produce prices continue to rise”. 

As thanks for their support, we’ve honored their special request that we mention their newest NZ product release professional eyelash extension glue for individual and volume lash extensions. This rapidly growing eyelash extensions supplier is making waves with their excellent value for money, high quality products and overnight shipping combined with unbeatable customer service. Be sure to check them out.

Other Sponsors – We’ve been blessed to have a wide range of sponsors throughout the years, from huge media companies through to local service based businesses. Simply put, we don’t have enough space or time to mention them all. Thanks to all of them and we hope to work with you again in the future.

Mentions in the Media

Special Edition KiwiGardener Magazine Out Now

The Kiwi Gardener Quarterly magazine is now available! Packed with 92 pages of new products and advice from the experts on a wide range of relevant gardening topics.

This Summer Edition features:

  • Building a Pallet Paradise – Instructions on how to make everything from a pallet compost bin to a pallet bar.
  • Outdoor Ambience – Decorative features you can make in a minute.
  • Grow it in the Trash – Turn old guttering, sinks and plastic bottles into practical planters.
  • Make Use of Everything – Wine bottles and bike wheels transformed into handy gardening tools.
See page 34 for an article on the history of the Ellerslie Flower & Garden Show!
Order your copy via their website or ask your preferred magazine stockist to special order it for you now!

Important Announcements

Safer Gardening & Legionnaire's Disease

Gardening is a popular hobby which is enjoyed by countless New Zealanders, and is great for helping people relax and escape the stresses of life. 

Working in your garden also provides plenty of enjoyment and of course all important exercise. The significant rise in interest in fruit and veggies grown at home in recent years has added to many people’s overall gardening enjoyment, and it’s had the added benefit of helping them to stretch their budgets further. 

The all important ingredient, soil, is packed full of living organisms which are beneficial to plants and which generally cause no harm to animals or people. 

This same soil, however, does contain some specific organisms that can be harmful to a small number of people if simple precautions are not taken. 

One of these harmful organism is a specific strand of Legionella bacteria which can be commonly in the environment around your home. 

This unique organism has been proven to cause the unpleasant Legionnaires’ disease in a select number of people. 

See the PDF guide to the right (click the image) to learn a few simple and natural steps to reduce that risk while continuing to enjoy your garden. 

Where To From Here?

As the next show dates are TBC indefinitely, the NZ Flower and Garden Show is your next best option. Be sure to check out their website for the latest show dates and updates at

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